We will be live streaming different events and shows six days a week!


Just because we are in isolation doesn’t mean we have to feel isolated. Even though we can no longer open our doors to you, Piano Bar will still bring you that sense of connectedness and community, even in the midst of all this craziness.

“Tracks Of Your Life”


Join Andy and Shandelle as the socially distance themselves, live streaming from Piano Bar!


Tonight we want to share the tracks of your life. What song was playing/what song were you listening to when your life dramatically changed for better or for worse?


Request your song on the below link and let us know why.


Tune in on our Facebook page 7pm to 10pm tonight!

Calendar of shows coming soon! 

Your donation is directly helping the Piano Bar performers and team, and the continuation of our live-stream performances. We look forward to seeing you in our venues again soon. Until then - stay safe. Thank you, The Piano Bar family.