This menu is currently available at our Geelong and Ballarat venues. Piano Bar Colac's kitchen is currently closed. Piano Bar Bendigo has antipasto boxes included in the ticket price. 











trio of dips w/ flatbread (v)

sausage rolls (5) w/ tomato relish

tomato bruschetta (vgo) 

mac and cheese croquettes w/ chilli relish

arancini (4) pea and mint (v)
              sundired tomato (v, gf)

truffle and parmesan fries w/ aioli (gf) 

crumbed eggplant chips w/ aioli

honey glazed red wine chorizo 

chicken tenders w/ ranch dressing


antipasto board with a selection of meats and cheeses 


vegan antipasto board (vg) 





GF - Gluten free

VT - Vegetarian

VG - Vegan

O - Option

Our items are prepared in a kitchen containing wheat, milk, soy, nuts and seeds. Every effort is taken when preparing meals, though we cannot guarantee your food will not contain traces of allergens.